John Lombardo

Auburn NY 13021

John B Lombardo



It has been interesting. 

Survive Your Life

I am still here for a reason. 

  • I was dying as a newborn baby. Had fevers could not eat could not drink. Mothers milk went through me like water. The doctor told my mother to give me Coca Cola in a baby bottle. It saved my life.
  • Got crushed from above by guys jumping off bleachers chasing a foul ball at Falcon Park the local semi-pro ball field. Ended up in the hospital for a week. Severe head and back injuries.
  • Was the bat boy for the visiting team at the same park when a guy taking a full practice swing ticked my right ear with the end of the bat. A fraction of an inch from splattering my brains all over the on deck circle.
  • Diagnosed with CTE from multiple concussions from in and out of the sports arena.
  • Got my arm caught in a roller-die rubber press in Cambridge Massachusetts. Should have been crushed like a pancake but somehow escaped with burns and eventual paralysis to my left arm which I overcame by swinging a golf club a couple million times.
  • Became an alcoholic drug addict after the roller die accident to kill the pain and memory of the accident. Spent three years at a pain clinic and beat the addictions. Have not had a narcotic or drink of alcohol in forty one years.
  • Survived prostate cancer knock on wood.  Had internal bleeding from the surgery.  The middle of my body looked like a black beach ball, Had 104 degree temperature the day after surgery but they sent me home from the hospital. Was hoping for death the pain was so bad.
  • Found out I have a blood disorder which prevents internal clotting and makes me fill up with blood at any surgical or accident site on or in my body.
  • Had a massive septic infection that resulted in 20 teeth being pulled in one day. Ended up in the hospital eleven days later with excessive bleeding that would not stop.
  • Have had numerous high fevers and infections over the years. Some with a reason some out of the blue. Something to do with my immune system, platelets, antibodies and who knows whatever. So far there are no answers so I look deep inside my cells and body to find out what I can do to aid my own survival. Doctors (tell me “you might never find an answer, it is just you.” Uh?) are useless and cannot tell me anything.
  • Had a car accident where a guy going over 60 miles per hour in the city hit the drivers side of my car with the right front side of his car. The force of the impact pushed crushed and pushed my Subaru Outback over a hundred feet in a split second. I took off my seat belt and walked away. A split second either way and I would have been paralyzed, maimed, or dead. Survival was a miracle.