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50 Years Of Making Art

Quantum Symbols create themselves. I move digital information around until it feels right. The resulting picture is a “Quantum Symbol”, plucked from the library of the archetypal mind, your mind, the mind of the viewer. You give quantum symbols their meaning.

Mike & Betty Lombardo

Website of Michael J. & Elizabeth C. Lombardo and their family, from Auburn NY USA

Quantum Symbols

I have been truly blessed to have been given this opportunity to be a conduit or pipeline or whatever you want to call it, for the creative spirit to vent its content into contemporary consciousness here on earth. It has been an ongoing process since 1970, the first day I touched a paintbrush to a canvas, until this present day.

It is for me an honor and a privilege to be a part of this, at least to me anyway, astounding and extraordinary creative process. I do not or did not ever have any choice in the matter. It is a gift of the life I lead, a calling for me, and I was from the very beginning, humble enough, smart enough and aware enough to open my heart to the life giving fountain and stream of energy that filters through my being. It is my reason for being