By John Lombardo

Writing started 2/25/2012-2:04 PM

These are a collection of “Moments” in my life, written as they pop into my consciousness, re-visitations of events from time past presented as packets of reality. Everyone has moments that stay with them, that they remember, without really wanting to remember. These moments have an impact of their life direction or life path. These moments have a life of their own. They keep reappearing. They come to life with no particular rhyme or reason, they appear out of the blue, become a part of your awareness again and again without reference to time, direction or context.

When or if you ever take the time to stop to think about it, life in the present is just a life in the present moment’s space. Each time-space episode becomes encapsulated in time overall, and becomes in itself a moment. It takes time to write each episode, each moment, but each moment takes on a life of its own.

Things, episodes in your life, take time to happen. Once an episode has happened in its entirety, it becomes a memory. Once a memory it becomes a thought. Once a thought, memory becomes a part of the tangibility of what is consciousness. Once a part of consciousness memory becomes a part of your life fabric. Once a part of your life fabric, memory becomes and continues to be real. Life streams keep happening. Some are more intense, more meaningful than others. Taken as a whole, these episodes or moments define all that you are, all that you have become. Your stories contain your story and define your existence.

Your stories are you, they tell your story, in a nutshell.

Many thanks to American poet Bruce Weigl, who many many years ago told me that this short vignette, or short story style of writing is suited best to my artistic tendencies. I wish I would have listened to him forty years ago. But then again, I didn’t have that much to write about anyway.

Listed in no particular order, these episodes comprise some many moments of my experience.

I am going to try to relate these incidents in a manner true to the way I think and talk.

I hope you can stay with me.