Art Collection For Sale-Art Collection-50 Years Work-For Sale

Varishnualombo November 2018

Only collectors with vision and understanding of the total creative process and a vision of the future of art will be able to understand and relate to this work. Created by a mind highly evolved along the chain of human existence. Ahead of the curve so to speak.

Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Digital Images, Pen and Ink Drawings, Writings, Thousands of Works of Art by Widely Exhibited American Artist John B Lombardo. Collection Virtually in tact after 50 Years of active creativity. Visit Website for more information. Unique works with content unseen any place else. High energy images from the direct pipeline of the collective unconscious.

Highly Evolved Works Of Art.
In the unique style of “Visionary Extreme”.

If you have been and exist where I have been and where I exist you will understand.

Collector Price: $2,873,000 USD

Buyer is responsible for procuring and securing all physical canvases etc. from location in Auburn NY, USA Digital work will be delivered by disk or external hard drive.

Call or text 315-224-1103 or email for further information.